Thursday, May 27

Giving it a shot

Just some sample objects (silk flower, mini cushion, small owl softie) I've made over the past couple of days for Textiles, just to experiment. Still need to think of what exactly I want to make as my final piece... which is due soon hah. Such is life.

Sunday, May 23


"You think you know the world you are living in if you can feel it, and touch it, and smell it, and taste it, then it must be so. You tell youself that you would bet your life on the simple fact that the sky is blue. And then one day someone comes along and informs you emphatically that you're wrong. Blue, you insist. Blue as the ocean. Blue as a whale. Blue as my daughter's eyes. But that person shake his head, and everyone else backs him up. You poor girl, they say. All of those things - the ocean, the whale, her eyes - they're green. You've gotten them mixed up. You've had it wrong all along."

jodie picoult

Sunday, May 16

Open Up Your Eyes

"When we fall in love for the first time, we tend to be falling in love with ourselves and only see what we want to see until its too late."

- Jill Drury

Woah. Wise words of my literature lecturer.