Friday, March 20

"New car, caviar, four star daydream"

My Best Purchases
  • acid wash prarie dress from Kmart for $15, purely for the bargain factor
  • white canvas shoes from Target for about $10; again - cheap! Yet so comfy...
  • black Bluejuice dress for $90 - not so cheap, but incredibly versatile. I've worn it many-a-time
  • black ballet flats - get me through uni life
  • black cardigans - worn with everything
  • black skirt from Sportsgirl last year. don't judge me! but it works its way into many outfits lately
  • Coldplay albums: 'Parachutes' and 'X & Y', $10 each and getting a massive workout in my stereo
  • patterned fabric headband for about $8. It makes outfits ten times more awesome
  • my USB stick. Trustiest little things!

And I notice that the majority of that is black! Black is all too handy...

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