Thursday, May 21

You know...

My Character Flaws
  • I'm a big whinger. I hate whingers. I blame the fact that I'm apart of Gen Y

  • I'm awfully shy with people that I don't know very well

  • My anxiety tends to get the better of me

  • I'm pretty terrible at making conversation, and can therefore make situations a bit awkward for people

  • I'll only get things done if I'm in the mood to do it, actually enjoy doing it, or I know I'll be in trouble if I don't...

  • My attention span is poor when it comes to doing assignments. Here I am, writing a blog, when my best intentions for the day were to spend the whole time getting an assignment done.

  • I'm not as warm and caring as I would like to be with people

  • I made a conscious decision a few years back to stop being creative in making jokes. Mostly because, even though they were funny, they were mean. So now I don't know how to use my sense of humour... Don't ask me to tell a joke.

  • I'm quiet. My voice does not project.

  • I tend to spend more time thinking rather than doing

Who knows, perhaps listing these things will make them seem more insignificant, and therefore I'll be able to get past them easier? These points make me a little sad though, because I've worked towards getting over these things in the past, and even had some progress, but then I go back to uni or something and I'm bitter and twisted all over again.

Lucky the mid-year break is coming up in a few weeks!

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