Friday, June 12

Paper Dolls, Handmade Dresses

Paola Zakimi dolls

Some months I'll buy my copy of Frankie magazine and never manage to find the time to do any more with it than give it a quick flick-through. I'll end up looking through it again after a month or so and realise all the preciousness I've deprived myself of, as was the case last night.

Having had to plan a lesson on paper-mache sculpture as part of an assignment, the write up on Paola Zakimi's beautiful creatures left me several kinds of awe-inspired. Her lovely paper-mache dolls are calm and quaint, sweet and innocent, filled with the world's secrets that they will never share.

I can admit that I am now stupidly inspired to make a paper-mache piece as one of my winter holiday projects thanks to the wonderful Miss Zakimi

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