Wednesday, August 26

All That Shines

Sometimes we all need a little reminding that

life is full of opportunities and endless possibilities

In the midst of my uni studies, I'm getting the opportunity to work with students with special needs (yet to happen, trying to organise that). I'm also about to go on a Professional Practice at a Catholic college close to home for 3 weeks to learn about the school environment and the rather complex role that teachers play. I get to play teacher!! To all those big kids who once died to play "schools" when they were younger, wanting to get first dibbs on teaching the "class"... Eat your hearts out. I'm insanely anxious and excited all at the same time.

And now that I finally have my drivers license... well! I am looking forward to one hell of a summer. Please come out soon little Sun? And keep me warm?

"We cannot meet or be met if we don't speak up, or take a chance. Let's all boldly talk to new people!" - SARK

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