Sunday, February 14

The Muse Bids Farewell


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A Magical Whimsy said...

I found your blog in a curious way while looking at blogs that feature handmade dolls. Your's so far, is the best blog I have found. I crossed out all the other ten, so far and there are about 20 more to go.
You are an excellent artist. I can basically draw stick people, unless I really put my mind to it. My younger brother, on the other hand has been a professional since he was 17. Now he is 58. He is Troy Howell in Virginia, California, just recently he authored and illustrated 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek' a young adult book about a girl finding a dragon in a mine shaft. Anyway, the economy is crap right now and there are many starving artists out there no matter how good they are. But keep on with your career as you never know when things will 'click' into place for you.
I am interested in viewing the movie you mentioned and also listening to Decoder Ring...sounds awesome!
Teresa in California