Friday, February 27

Remembering How To Play

My Favourite Childhood Toys
  • PJ Sparkles
  • Lego
  • Bundle Baby (Nursery Kids)
  • My Child - "Rosie"
  • Barbie and her caravan, ferrari, and even her cardboard house with a loveseat and all
  • Polly Pocket
  • our play kitchen
  • a giant and rather ugly baby doll that would make noises when you "fed" it with a bottle (aka sticking the bottle between its lips), or stuck the dummy in its mouth
  • Playground Kids
  • Gameboy Pocket
  • Super Nintendo - Super Mario 3!!

As you can tell, my nurturing girly side was overtaken with the nerdy and compulsive desire to enter a 2D virtual reality. Nice.

On another note, recalling all of these toys (that came before the uprise of Nintendo, etc.) makes me all too nostalgic of the times when you could call upon your imagination to entertain you for the day, and you barely needed to try very hard to do so. I so badly want that same kind of creativity back! If only children knew just how lucky they are.

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