Saturday, February 28

"Shadow Virgins"

Have you ever noticed, the most mesmerising of music performers are those who talk to and interact with their audience? This Thursday night just passed, I had no option but to swoon over the amazingly wonderful Lior as he drew in the audience with his beautiful melodies and an abundance of charisma!

It's funny that I even ended up as a member of the vast crowd that filled the Fly By Night Club in Fremantle on Thursday evening actually, because I hadn't even planned to be there until I received an unexpected phone call the previous afternoon. A friendly voice belonging to a young lady named Amaya called me on Wednesday telling me that I had won a double pass to the show, and would just need to rock up and state my name at the door to be on my way to Lior Heaven. So there you go. All those times of thinking it wasn't worth entering in those little competitions at the front of street magazines (i.e. Drum Media and Xpress), and yet there you have it. I finally won something!

One thing that I love about going to the gigs of singer/songwriters is that their support is often going to be of a similar nature to their own style, creating a window of opportunity to discover new Australian talent. Unfortunately I can't remember the names of the support acts of the night for the life of me! However, the following guy was amazing (pity about my timing!)...

... and the second act of the night (I think her name may have been Freya) got to perform "I'll Forget You", a duet originally recorded with Sia, with the man of the night himself! Her vocals are truly amazing.

One of the beautiful things about this particular tour of Lior's is that he has teamed up with shadow artists Stephen Mushin and Anna Parry, to create a fascinating animated backdrop, all created and performed by hand. You have to remind yourself of this, because it's truly incredble to think that somebody could perform it so smoothly, as well as creating the effect of objects floating off into the distance etc.

The shadow board also proved to come in handy for one particular gentleman that made sure he was apart of the audience that night. Once stepping onto the stage and announcing his nerves, the image on the backdrop changed and read the 4 little words that filled the room with love and even made me a little teary(!): "will you marry me?"
It was honestly one of the sweetest moments, especially when it was followed by Lior's "This Old Love" - we'll grow old together... and this old love will never die...

All in all, with Lior's amazing music, his sense of humour and stories, along with letting us participate in clapping and back-up vocals for 'Superficial', (and not to mention my great company for the night, many thanks to Chris for coming with me!), the night was absolutely awesome.


diana's face said...

ohh hells yes!
good on you for winning something. that's really awesome!

Mindy said...

Oh you are jealous of me going to Liverpool and I am jealous of you seeing Lior. Sounds magical!