Thursday, July 16

All of Us Stars

My Most Proud Accomplishments
  • Being one of five students out of so many that was chosen to be able to play guitar for years 6 and 7. Ohyes, I was a proud 10 year old.
  • Teaching myself to draw
  • Being recognised as one of the "star" students in my TAFE course I did a couple of years back! Nerd!
  • Getting into uni without my TER and receiving high grades
  • Surviving 5 weeks of living alone with my self-centred sister - Being homemaker and cleaning up after somebody else!

Writing this list, I realised that most of the occassions I ever felt much sense of pride were associated with academic achievement, which goes to say a bit about my values. Possibly why I value education so much. Much of this pride was felt in younger years though... such as primary school and highschool, and therefore I didn't feel like I had much to add to this list.

So I'm thinking, I need to start doing more things and experiencing the world so that I actually have things to say about myself! One thing I want to do is start completing art works that I can possibly get into exhibitions etc. Unfortunately, since I'm going back to uni in a couple of weeks to study all education units for the semester, I won't be able to think about doing this until the end of the year. But at least it's something to strive for.

The next thing to do is start saving to travel. I think this would be an accomplishment in itself! The hunger to get out of little old Perth is definitely there though, especially now that I have my parents back from Italy - showing me videos of the beautiful Sicilian landscape and all the rellies! I want to climb hills with the cute old folk with no teeth and animated hand movements dammit!

It probably doesn't help the money-making scheme for me to be home sick from work today, but I think that as long as I know what I want, I will somehow make it happen.

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laura said...

To this list of accomplishments I would probably have to add:

- getting on the honour roll for Semester 1, 2009

- planning and teaching art classes for Years 8, 9 and 10 on my first prac