Monday, July 20

Safe & SOUND

Favourite Bands of All Time

  • Angus and Julia Stone
  • Coldplay
  • Gotye (one-man-band?)
  • Tool
  • Gyroscope
  • Karnivool
  • The Mars Volta
  • MUSE
  • A Perfect Circle

When I think of favourites, I think of bands whose CDs I own; who I've listened to over and over in my adolescence; who I still love now and have never managed to get sick of over so many years. For that reason, a lot of bands I do really like haven't made the list (I might not be so well acquainted with them as the ones listed above). A lot of older bands that I appreciate aren't in that main list either, mostly because I've never spent a lot of time listening to those bands - and can't digest that era so well... Otherwise I'd def be mentioning The Beatles and possibly some other classic bands that were the geniuses behind the genres.

I also failed to mention amazing singer/songwriters, as I wasn't sure if they were meant for this list. I'd have to include Jack Johnson, Josh Pyke and Lior. I'm considering adding Missy Higgins and Lisa Mitchell to that list as well.

There's always a little self-revelation that comes from writing these lists, which is what makes me love writing them. Today's lesson: I MUST EXPAND MY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE. I feel terrible to not have a better idea about the music of past eras. Sure, I've heard a good deal of songs thanks to dad, but I've never really sat with them and made time to really get to listen to them. There's a difference between hearing and listening for me. Unfortunately I need to get hold of entire albums to do this, otherwise it just doesn't happen. There's something a little less magic about music downloads on the computer.

Perhaps now's the time to raid a 70s-music CD collection

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