Tuesday, July 21

I've Heard of Blue Monday

...but why do I get to endure a Blue Tuesday?

I'm still sick with this cold/flu like thing, and I'm really keen to just get better!

Cold n' flu tablets are my best friend at the moment, seeing as they seem to keep me functioning to some degree.

Also enjoying heading out to the cinemas a bit lately, and apparently needing the whole popcorn/chocolate/diet coke experience (hello winter kilos). I've had my dose of magic thanks to finally seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with the sistie on the weekend, and as for today... well... with too much shame to name the movie, I was inspired to learn the Hoedown Throwdown. Ohyeah, that's right.

Now all I need is some sleep and to see if I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow afternoon - eek!

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