Monday, January 5

"He who walks honestly walks securely"

Honesty: a quality we admire in people, that allows us to trust them and thus build big, wonderful, tonka tough friendships! Or at least that's how I feel about honesty...

Before Christmas (I think it was) I was awarded and tagged by the lovely writer of Loveology, Mila, with the Honesty Scrap Award. Therefore I need to share 10 honest things about myself and go on to tag another 7 people to do the same. I've left this post for far too long because I'm quite new to the world of running a blog, and therefore don't have seven people in mind that I would like to tag! I figured I'd get the post out of the way now and find my honest seven soon enough - and inform you who they are at a later date. So the tagging will indeed continue!

I honestly...

  1. enjoy myopia - I am indeed short sighted! Call me crazy, but I'm pretty content without contact lenses or constantly wearing glasses. Sure, seeing things clearly is refreshing and less frustrating - But I like the way my vision gently blurs the reality, kind of as though it airbrushes my surrounding and makes everything smooth and pretty.

  2. am a bit of a health freak - I don't enjoy junk food anymore and most certainly miss exercising as frequently as I did at one point last year. Now that it is the new year, I'm determined to cut back on the alcohol and get back into the gym or other physical activity.

  3. have terrible anxiety - I can hype myself up to feel worried about the most straight-forward things. I hate this.

  4. often make elaborate and exciting plans in my mind and never acually follow through with them - This usually is the case for holidays I dream of going on and such. The general reason for not following through is my dreadful inability to save money.

  5. feel that my wine drinking makes me as equally classy as it makes me bogan - I'm sure this works somehow?

  6. have never had a boyfriend - This looks quite sad when I type it out. I guess I have my reasons though. I wouldn't go out much before, and when I did - it was always with my two best friends, of whom were male. You can imagine how this would be the instant boyfriend repellent. Plus I didn't feel inclined to find a boy seeing as I had male companionship already... That and I'm fussy. Did I mention I'm fussy? I'm very fussy. But alas! I'm ten times more comfortable with myself now, rarely see these friends I speak of anymore, and feel more ready than ever for somebody to sway me.

  7. am incredibly crabby when I'm tired - I'm also very stubborn. Don't take it personally... I just need to work on finding a way to still be nice to people when I'm in this state

  8. can usually only pinpoint exactly how I feel about particular people when I sit down and write out my opinions - The wonderful thing about writing is that you're in your own comfort zone, you're chilled out, you're well aware of your values, and you have time to consider exactly how important and wonderful each individual in this game of life actually is. Even if the person seems like a bit of mole, I could probably bless them for shaking things up and creating a point of interest.

  9. can't define my personal tastes - I think this may be because I'm open to everything, and also know that I could easily change my mind about something within a couple of weeks

  10. cannot eat raw carrots - I do not know why, but I cannot eat a whole raw carrot. It is impossible for me to swallow.

And so there we go! A glimpse at the strange but honest things that make me, me. It feels good to have spilled that information out and into the open, because it even allows me to get a better idea about myself. I'm still learning you see...

Stay truthful x

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Mila said...

Lovely to read and very honest, dear!