Thursday, January 1

The Loyal Ones

I may have mentioned once before that on my birthday I was able to open a package from my friend who was studying in Canada at the time. One of the many sweet gifts that he had sent to me was an amazing book called 'Listography: Your life in lists' by Lisa Nola.

I am in love with it. Complete with illustrations and pencil-like fonts, this book asks you to create your autobiography through list-making. The subject for the list is stated at the top of the page, and your job is to fill in the blank lines provided below!

As I'm a bit scared to fill in the book just yet, I thought it might be an idea to publish one list per week on my blog, as a way of easing into it without damaging the pages. Well, not anytime soon anyway.

So taking it one list at a time (and in the order they are in the book), today's list is

  • our first goldfish: Blacky, Goldy, Splotchy, and Stripey!
  • while we had many canaries over the years, the only names I remember of all of them were: Twinkle, Frisky, and Peachy
  • budgies: Blinky and Blossom
  • hermit crab: Sebastian
  • rabbit: Molly
  • dog: Phoebe
  • current "goldfish": Angus

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