Thursday, January 1

Carpe Diem

image by jimroot @ deviantart
Happy 2009 m'loves! I'm hoping that it's an amazingly fun and prosperous year for everybody, and that plenty of good things come your way.

While the New Year may have started in a park, feeling bitter at being a third wheel (only to be followed by finding a friend in the taxi line and coming home to pig out on copious amounts of bread?) - I've decided that the day time is going to be a time of personal healing. What happened at 2am will not effect my determination to undergo some kind of detox today!

I'm determined to eat light and relatively fresh
Water is the only drink that will touch these lips!
I've showered and made sure that I rid my face of every trace of remaining make-up from the night that was
Today is a make-up free day
I'm going to clean my room
I'm going to clear my head, do some writing
I'm going to tell myself the positive things
I'm going to make whimsical plans for the year to come!
I need to pack for Southbound.

I'm really hoping that 2009 is a year of growth and learning for me, as well a whole lot of positivity, new friends, and appreciation for the little things! x

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