Tuesday, January 20

Once Upon A Time

While deep down you know that every single person surrounding you has a creative spark smouldering away inside of them, it's sadly not expected that everybody will give their creativity a chance to escape and flaunt itself in the big wide world.

So when you do get to see artistic talent (in whatever form) flowing from somebody, it's truly uplifting and enviable.

I feel like it's all the more awe-inspiring when it's unexpected of people to produce beautiful things, such as these images taken by my father many years ago.





My dad used to study Photography at "Tech" when he was younger, and I (in my somewhat biased opinion) think it's such a shame that he never continued with it professionally, and seemingly only practiced his skills from there-on by trying to make our family snaps feel more dramatic than the situation intended.

It's still the case today, that the arts aren't quite as glorified as maths or science, and therefore fall second-place. Parents aren't encouraging their children to engage in visual arts, film-making, photography, journalism, etc. etc - mostly because they want their kids to be money-making machines and probably feel there just aren't any jobs in such fields. But I believe that creative minds can make anything happen for themselves in their life journey, all with a bit of positive thinking and effort. If only it were reinforced that we should "do what we enjoy" for work!

I'm hoping that when I finally get to teach Art (or English) in schools, that I will be able to encourage, inspire, and change minds.


lucklys said...

hear hear! my dad used to take some really fantastic photos when he and my mom traveled the united states for their honeymoon. i wish i could find those photos, they were so inspiring that i decided to get into photography.

i agree with you whole-heartedly about the arts and creative areas not being stressed nearly as strongly as the sciences and maths. it's really sad, considering almost everything visual, everything we see during the day, is an art form.

blossy girl said...

is that your mum laury?

Laura said...

Tis my mum! Back in the day ;-)