Sunday, January 11

How about a sundance?

I've come to the realisation that Summer mornings are a bit too precious to miss, hence why I've been waking up between 6:00 and 7:00 am all throughout the holidays.

I will admit, it's probably something to do with my uncanny habit of waking with the sunlight that manages to slip through the slits in the blinds... Even so, I'm grateful! For me, early morning is the most peaceful and tranquil time of the day. I've just woken up and have no worries, because the magic of dreaming is that it allows me to filter my thoughts and happily* greet a brand new day. There's generally nobody else awake (or just not home), so I can just feel at ease.

There's something awe-inspiring about the way that it is cool, with a light breeze and a rising sun, which continuously changes the colour of the sky and the appearance of your surroundings. How could you not help but want to plot out your day to keep the good vibes running right through?


And of course, my favourite thing about the morning.... Breakfast!

Breakfast is my hands-down favourite meal of the day, and probably the number one reason why I can drag myself out of bed in the morning. While some may think that my daily usual of cereal with soy milk, a banana and a cup of tea is boring - I think it is the greatest and most exciting thing since sliced (raisin) bread! Though I wouldn't object to french toast, or scrambled eggs, muesli, a bacon and egg muffin...

To think that some people give it a miss...

All this talk about the joy of mornings, and yet it's still the late hours of the evening here in Perth, WA. On that note I should probably get some rest so that I can rise and shine tomorrow!

Good night and very good morning x

*Not a guarantee

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Pixie July said...

Beautiful photo of the sunrise! I love early mornings, but no matter how much I try to reset my body clock, I'm just naturally a night owl and tend to stay up and then sleep late! Seeing the sun come up is beautiful - I don't know whether I prefer sunrises or sunsets?? And mmm - cereal!! ^^ xx