Sunday, December 28

The Heartbeat

image by opheliadreams @ deviantart

In my mind, the typical festive summer sounds like classic 80s rock and a fair dose of Justin Timberlake. But of course there's a whole sweltering jungle of summer-lovin' tunes to get us through the sunny days: Those that can take us back to memories of sun and surf no matter what.

Here I've compiled a brief (and rather scribbly!) list of songs that make the summer-born-baby in me smile:


(I believe I mentioned the same song twice! But that's okay, because I love it twice as much)

If you don't recognise some of the songs, I recommend you go on a downloading frenzy! Also feel free to comment with your own top summer-day tunes :-]


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Pixie July said...

Hiya, I've just found your blog via Shadows Bring the Starlight and it's just gorgeous! I love a lot of the songs on this list, too - bizarrely enough, right now I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen's 'Blinded by the Light,' which always makes me think of summertime! xx