Friday, December 12

Musings and Mailboxes

Call me a bit strange, but I have a daily habit of wanting to check the mailbox before anybody else can get to it, so I can see just exactly what we've received and if there's anything for me.

Now although it wasn't me who personally went outside to check the letterbox today, I was there when my father came strolling back inside with his collections. There, in his hands, was a nicely padded envelope - addressed to me!

I am in love with surprise packages

It was from my friend in Melbourne who was probably my sister in a past life. I am now the proud owner of a pretty bird necklace and an awesome mixed CD! How I love birthdays.

So seeing as I spent time writing out many-a-Christmas card last weekend, I thought I would use my friend as some inspiration/motivation and finally send them off today.


Look forward to some Christmas mail x

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