Friday, December 26

Subconsciously Yours

Time's danced away from me and it's already time to be saying that I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas, and plenty of naps.

I personally thank nanna-naps for getting me through the Christmas time, from the eve right through to today (Boxing Day). I needed each and every one of them! And I hope you've treated yourself to a pleasant little series of your own naps. If not, what are you waiting for? Go now and nap away!

Nap away your weary eyes, your weary thoughts, the stresses, the food, and those bitter tongues. Nap to your heart's content. Dream a pleasant dream, and know that you can wake-up-a-fresh!

There is no guilt in napping, only much needed peace for your pretty soul.
image by brambura33 on deviantart

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Mila said...

Ooh i love this. And i love napping. I so need it.
You are wonderful, that's why i gave you an award and a tag that comes with the award.
I am still working on the post, so it will be online later today. Check it out, dear!

Much love,